Our Mission and Vision
The Spanish Fort Church of Christ strives to be…

“A Prayerful People together on a Journey Glorifying God & Leading Others to Christ”

                                                                   In order to accomplish our vision we intend to:

Equip ALL for Ministry

The role of leaders is to equip and prepare the people to do the work that builds up the church.  God has blessed each person within h
is body with certain gifts that are to be used to build His kingdom.  To realize our vision we hope to enlist, encourage,

and equip as many people as possible for doing the work of ministry.  (Ephesians 4:11-13).

Edify ALL through Worship, the Word, and Fellowship

In worship we refocus our lives on God who is the object of that worship.  Through His Word we hear God’s voice and we grow
in the knowledge of His saving grace.  Fellowship provides opportunities to strengthen the bond we share in Christ Jesus.  All is done to build up and edify the Body.  (II Corinthians 5:20).

Evangelizing ALL through Bible Studies, Relationships, and Events. 

The vision of this church is to be positive in regards to our responsibility to share the message of the gospel
with the people around us. We share the gospel because we love and we care about people.  As God’s children we speak not of our own personal opinion:

  • We convey the saving message of Jesus Christ.
  • We implore others to be reconciled to God through His Son.
  • We do it all in a spirit of love.

Come and join us as we strive to bring glory to God on this journey!